'Paranoia (A Nü Start),' gives us a chance — and, even the encouragement needed — to run away entirely. The escapist indie-folk anthem is upbeat and cheery, in a way that suggests that our protagonist doesn’t know what else to do but shrug off life’s pain and find a distraction, in short order. The tune’s slight, tasteful twang feeds this sense of adventure even further, while spirited vocal harmonies from vocalist Natasha Thweatt add another layer of shine.” - Gerard Longo

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Charles Ellsworth - Photo by James Ricks

Charles Ellsworth

Progressive southwest americana

Charles Ellsworth is a New York City transplant originally from the White Mountains of Arizona. He cut his teeth breaking into the Salt Lake City music scene during early adulthood and brought his red-dirt rock to the Big Apple five years ago. When he’s not touring the lower 48, he’s living in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn; playing the local circuit and being engaged with his community.

photo by James Ricks



Charles Ellsworth & The Dirty Thirty

Charles Ellsworth

The first full length from Charles Ellsworth.
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